July 6, 2022


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Insurance coverage for the Social Services Agency and Social or Welfare Worker

It is vital that all professionals are accountable for professional service. However, the social services agency and associated social worker have identified potential risks. Interconnected insurance coverage can provide the protection you need.

Here it is: Insurance for the Industries; Customized Indemnity

Agency insurance coverage

Insurance coverage is essential to protect against the high-risk nature of operating a social service agency. This insurance program is designed to cover the unique counseling services that are offered to individuals, families, and groups. The varying related agencies also offer limited malpractice insurance coverage for psychiatrists.

Here are some examples of social services that may be benefited by the insurance program.

Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Alcohol Rehab Centers

Referral Hubs for Federal and State Social Services

Community Service Centers

Therapy services that focus on families and domestic issues

Counselling and therapy through an agency for autistic, developmentally delayed and psychotic children

Other Social Service Counseling Centers

Social Worker and Welfare Worker Professional Liability and Errors and Obmissions Insurance

This type of insurance is also known as errors and omissions or professional liability. It protects the social worker or welfare worker at the agency against any associated risk exposure. The insurance program, which is usually written under the agency’s name, is intended to protect the staff from any liability lawsuits or claims.

Agency-independent Professional Liability Coverage for Clinical Social Workers

Although the insurance that covers the social worker is provided by the social service he or she works for, it may be beneficial to have additional professional liability coverage.

After the insurance limits for the agency are exhausted or depleted in a court case, additional coverage may be available.

This coverage will protect the welfare worker against a legal incident, first-aid costs, sexual misconduct or abuse accusations and property damage. Personal injury expenses, privacy violation notices, as well as assault costs. The possibility of license suspension are some other important issues that may not be covered by the professional liability coverage provided by the social service agency.

It is highly recommended that you consult an independent insurance agency for more information about agency and social worker coverage, including risk management.

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