October 22, 2021


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The 4th Quarter Of A Pop Warner spbo live score Game And Your Life

It was a gorgeous weekend in Minnesota! It was a perfect temperature for this time of year! Today was 88 degrees in my 5th-grade son’s school. Pop Warner football team got slightly warm today. What do Pop Warner Football have to have to do with you? Let me give you a brief story if I am able to.

It is evident that the SPBO played today was filled with emotional rollercoaster rides for us as parents. (I am certain that it was even more so for the coaches and players!) In any case, the first quarter was a battle between each team moving the ball around the field before coming up with a plan to degrade themselves. If it was a penalty, fumble or missed opportunities, the first half was concluded with 8: 7. In the second, it was essentially an exact repeat of the first. At halftime, the game stood at 14 all.

Ok, a quick “back to work” time here. Wouldn’t you love it for us if we had an hour of half-time? In my football career, one of the most crucial fifteen minutes was the half-time. This is when all good coaches made the necessary adjustments to improve the second half. However, in real life most of us are either too busy or unwilling to take the “half interval” to assess and adjust our lives to where we are. Wouldn’t you love it for us all to take the necessary steps in our lives to guarantee the best “second third”? Absolutely. Okay, let’s get we’ll go back to the game’s summary!

The third quarter came to an end without scoring. We were twice close to scoring, only to be denied by penalties and the turnover. However, we were able to stop their offensive from playing the ball in any efficient manner. Thus, the 4th quarter is about to begin with the score remaining at a tie. The 4th quarter, our offensive line began to remove the defenders from the line. It was evident that their defense get tired during the extremely hot weather. Our team’s strength began to gain momentum. We sprinted through on the pitch and scored. We were now ahead by 21-14 There were still eight minutes left during the match. Our defense held, and we regained the ball just under six minutes remaining. In the end, the offense was able quickly move down the field and score a touchdown. The defense held so we managed run through the clock to secure an impressive win! With 4 and 1 left in the season, with just one game left until the playoffs, they look quite impressive! Now back to reality and our lives.

It’s true that the game this afternoon reminded me of how our lives could be very similar to the game of football. We begin our lives (our the first half) learning as much as we can from birth to the age of 18. We then either pursue our education or begin in the workforce. (2nd quarter is now in full swing) At certain points in our lives we look around and see that we’ve gone over “half of the way” and we are now in the third quarter. In a flash we will be retired and needing sufficient funds to make it happen are staring us straight directly in the eye. We are wondering if and when we will be able to begin this fourth period of life, and how we’ll be in a position to “go far” financially. That is of course assuming that the world doesn’t throw us a lot of “fumbles and penalties, interceptions or penalties”.

Where are you on your “game” of your life? 2nd Quarter? 3rd Quarter? 4th Quarter? It really doesn’t matter what you are. It’s time to get off the road and do the time to take your personal “half time” now. What exactly does this mean?

It implies that whatever you’re currently performing in order to “win your game” should be leading you closer to your objectives. If you feel that time is passing through faster than your accomplishments You need to alter your game plan. To learn more about an “half change in time” strategy you can check out my tips below. It’s not a good idea to wait until”the “hail Mary” and neither should you!